The Club awards a variety of trophies to players and volunteers who have shown outstanding commitment and skill in their involvement with the Club. Our historic award winners can be viewed below. Our honour boards at the Troy Park Club Rooms can also be viewed upon request.

Life Membership is awarded to members who have shown outstanding voluntary commitment to the Club. Any person who has provided the Club with not less than 10 years of volunteer service is eligible to be considered for appointment as a life member. Any three members of the Club may jointly request the committee to consider a member for appointment as a life member.

Loyalty Badges are awarded to players who have been active with the Club for 10, 15, and 20 years.

The Most Outstanding Junior and Most Outstanding Senior trophies are awarded to the Fairest and Best Player from the highest graded Junior and Senior teams, based on voting organised within those two teams.

The Coaches Trophy
is awarded to a Coach who is respected by their team and has shown exemplary enthusiasm and commitment to the club and the game of Netball in general.

The Marilyn Williams Umpire of the Year Award is awarded to an umpire who has demonstrated enthusiasm and excellence in umpiring and who is a real asset to the club and the game of Netball in general.

The ANC Club Girl Trophy is awarded to a playing member of the Club; not chosen on playing ability, but rather on service to the club, attendance at club activities and assistance to other club members. This should include actively working for the club (e.g. coaching, extra umpiring, assisting committee members etc), and setting a good example for others to follow in regard to club spirit, loyalty, and sportsmanship.

The Susan Philpott Memorial Trophy for Excellence is the highest honour that a Club member can receive. It is awarded to someone who gives excellent service to the Club, attends a majority of Club functions, demonstrates leadership qualities, has an ongoing commitment to the future of the Club, is a good role model for all members of the Club, and shows enthusiasm for the Club.

You can send an email submission for any of the Club service perpetual trophies any time during the season, but you must get it in before 25th August 2019! Email your nominations to

Please include in your nomination email:

  1. The award that you are nominating for

  2. The full name of the person that you are nominating

  3. Who is nominating the person (individual player, team, parent, etc)

  4. Your reasons for why the person should receive the award

For more details on the criteria for awarding the Club's perpetual trophies, see our Club By-laws (by-law 8) on the Governance page.

Susan Philpott Memorial Trophy: Rebecca Roberts
Most Outstanding Senior: Lizzy Hughes
Most Outstanding Junior: Kelsey Merillo
ANC Club Girl: Shannen Gilham
Marilyn Williams Umpire of the Year Award: Isabel McCarthy
Coaches Trophy: Sue McLennan-Atkins & Tania Plant
Life Membership: Kate Bond, Katie McCarthy
10 Year Loyalty Pin: Mikayla Alex, Taylor Baker, Anna Burfoot, Jenna Cicanese, Samantha Cooke, Sharie Falconer, Madeleine Hammond, Hannah Lopes, Madison McDowell, Madison Rogers, Eden Ryan, Charlotte Stapleton
15 Year Loyalty Pin: Kelsey Batista, Erin Smith
20 Year Loyalty Pin: Sherie Jones
FNA Club Service - Coach: Rebecca Roberts
C Badge Awards: Ava Donohue, Hayley Jones, Cleo Kenny, Kelsey Merillo, Molly McCarthy, Alicia Plant, India Webster

Susan Philpott joined Attadale Netball Club at age 11 when her family moved into the area. From early on she was recognised as one of the Club’s most talented and likeable players. She received many Fairest and Best awards during her netball career, including Most Outstanding Junior in 1977 and Most Outstanding Senior in 1988. Susan was an incredibly talented and determined shooter, and was selected to play in the Fremantle Netball Association sides for many seasons.

Despite being approached by a number of clubs to move from Attadale, Susan remained loyal to the Club and put in many hours with the various positions she held. These included coach, committee member and Vice President of Seniors. In 1990, while still a member of the Senior A1 team, Susan was made a Life Member of the Club. At that time, she was the longest serving player and member.

In need of a senior team coach, and wanting an SA1 Premiership title, Susan approached Glenys Dillon, a previous State Player and successful coach. In not taking no for an answer, Susan managed to convince her that Attadale would be a great new coaching project. This was no small decision for Glenys, as training was at Troy Park in Attadale and she lived in Bassendean, and at that stage didn't drive. Such was Susan's commitment to the Club's success and to Glenys' ability to help get that success, that on many occasions after training and games, despite only living around the corner from Troy Park, she would drive Glenys home to avoid the long bus, train and walk that Glenys would make. That team first experienced success in 1990, the year Susan was diagnosed with cancer. Susan was not well enough to take the court on Grand Final day, but it was one of her happiest moments.  

Susan sadly passed away in 1990 and since then, for more than 25 years now, her parents have donated the Susan Philpott Memorial Trophy to the Club that their daughter was so fond of, and contributed so much to.

Below are the historic recipients of our Club perpetual trophies. These achievements can also be viewed on our Club Honour Boards in the Troy Park Club Rooms. If you wish to view them, please contact us

Susan Philpott Memorial Trophy
1991 L. Sikirich
1991 T. Sikirich
1993 Mae McMahon
1994 Betty Pummer
1995 Neil Johnson
1997 Kirstin Cattalini
1998 Cate Pitcher
1999 Shauna Watson
2000 Bev Wasylkewcyz
2001 Cate Pitcher
2002 H. Webb
2003 Jane Richards
2004 Gerdine Overbury
2005 Sandra Baker
2005 Kim Quin-Conroy
2006 Debra Poole
2007 Sandra Baker
2008 Dianne Watson
2009 Sue Smith
2010 Clare Bond
2011 Amanda Muir
2012 Kendra Morgan
2013 Jo Malaxos
2014 Haydn Bufton
2015 Kate Bond
2016 Katie McCarthy
2017 Lyn Brown
2018 Lisa Wild
2019 Rebecca Roberts

Betty Lyons Perpetual Trophy - Most Outstanding Senior
1980 L. Porter
1981 L. Johnston
1982 J. Truscott
1983 D. Henley
1984 A. Birch
1985 J. Truscott
1986 R. Jones
1987 M. Fic
1988 Susan Philpott
1989 Waveney Seinor
1990 S. Brand
1991 Karen McMahon
1992 Waveney Seinor
1993 D. Gardiner
1995 L. Clarke
1996 Kirstin Cattalini
1997 V. Som
1998 C. Patroni
1999 C. Emerson-Jones
2002 Dianne Watson
2003 K. Yelverton
2004 Dianne Watson
2005 Dianne Watson
2006 Sherie Jones
2007 Stacey Montgomery
2008 Dianne Watson
2009 Dianne McLean (nee Watson)
2010 Sherie Jones
2011 Lauren Gandini
2012 Sherie Jones
2013 Stacey Montgomery
2014 Kristal Grace
2015 Alexandra Morgan
2016 Nicola Vester
2017 Eliza Vlasich
2018 Eliza Vlasich
2019 Lizzy Hughes

Glenice Dillon Perpetual Trophy - Most Outstanding Junior
1972 L. Mehan
1973 S. Hall
1974 K. Young
1975. L. Paull
1976 S. Young
1977 Susan Philpott
1978 G. Richmond
1979 D. Walker
1980 A. Hamdorf
1981 F. Dowling
1982 K. Freeman
1983 K. Morecombe
1984 Kate Philpott
1985 M. Fic
1986 R. Joyner
1987 Anna Cattalini
1988 Waveney Seinor
1989 C. Egan
1990 M. Wheater
1991 J. Weygers
1992 H. Porter
1993 M. Edwards
1994 M. Edwards
1995 C. Emerson-Jones
1996 S. Robbins
1997 J. Power
1998 B. Newport
1999 K. Thompson
2002 Georgia Jones-Ladbrook
2003 C. Frost
2004 T. Poole
2005 Melissa Meek
2006 Demi McRae
2007 Emma Thillainath
2008 Fallon Atkinson
2009 Alexandra Liddle
2010 Tessa Lauritsen
2011 Erin Smith
2012 Sarah-Rose Sharp
2013 Nicola Vester
2014 Jaimie-Lee Elliott
2015 Lizzy Hughes
2016 Eden Ryan
2017 Stella Watson
2018 Georgia Portlock
2019 Kelsey Merillo

Presidents Perpetual Trophy - Senior Club Girl
(replaced by Attadale Club Girl in 2013)
1972 Denise Young
1973 L. Parker
1974 L. Parker
1975 Denise Young
1976 Denise Young
1976 P. Jones
1978 R. Bastin
1979 D. Collins
1980 R. Bastin
1981 L. Edmondson
1982 V. Klemm
1983 L. Gardiner
1985 M. O'Brien
1986 J. Bruce
1987 J. Egan
1989 Susan Philpott
1990 R. Jones
1991 T. Sikirich
1992 Karen McMahon
1993 Kirstin Cattalini
1994 N. Hoskins
1995 Jane Richards
1996 M. Treby
1997 Kirstin Cattalini
1998 Dianne Watson
1999 R. Larson
2000 L. Cousins
2001 Jane Richards
2001 S. Laurenson
2002 Pascal Overbury
2003 D. Bennett
2004 Bianca Newport
2005 Kate Brown
2006 K. Webster
2007 Dianne Watson
2008 Clare Bond
2009 Clate Bond
2010 Shelby Moore
2011 Dianne McLean (nee Watson)
2012 Shelby Moore

Margaret Bastin Perpetual Trophy - Junior Club Girl
(replaced by Attadale Club Girl in 2013)
1981 J. Byron
1982 T. Sikirich
1983 J. Byron
1984 Leanne Joyner
1985 Renee Joyner
1986 Renee Joyner
1987 Anna Cattalini
1988 M. Patroni
1989 Kirstin Cattalini
1989 C. Egan
1990 N. Hoskins
1991 V. Santwyk
1992 D. Lofts
1993 M. Hoskins
1993 T. Johnson
1994 A. Wasylkewycz
1995 C. Andrewartha
1995 A. Wasylkewycz
1996 F. Pitcher
1997 L. Bartlet
1998 F. Pitcher
2001 J. Patterson
2002 Inge Overbury
2003 Georgia Jones-Ladbrook
2004 Sarah Quin-Conroy
2005 Clare Bond
2006 Katrina Saitta
2007 Shelby Moore
2008 Vanessa Pierluigi
2009 Jemma McDonald
2010 Harriet Moss
2011 Claudia Martelli
2012 Alexandra Morgan

Attadale Club Girl
2013 Kelsey Batista
2014 Ellie Moore
2015 Erin Smith
2016 Nicola Vester
2017 Jessica Ritchie
2018 Samantha Cooke
2019 Shannen Gilham

Coaches Award
1999 S. Linton
2000 H. Webb
2001 A. Polak
2001 Kate Parr
2002 Jane Richards
2003 Kim Quinn-Conroy
2004 Debra Poole
2005 Linda Moore
2006 Sue Smith
2007 Emma Connolly
2008 Haydn Bufton
2009 Terri Linto
2010 Sue McLennan-Atkins
2011 Luke Miller
2012 Sue Smith
2013 Carolyn Tomkins
2014 Monique Kenny
2015 Kellie Bombadieri & Leslee Stapleton
2016 Hannah Adams
2017 Michelle Spalding
2018 Tania Plant
2019 Sue McLennan-Atkins & Tania Plant

Marilyn Williams Umpire of the Year Award
2005 Debra Poole
2006 Rebecca Sedgwick
2007 Elise LePage
2008 Kendal Moss
2009 Alayna Campbell
2010 Kate Sexton
2011 Kate Bond
2012 Erin Smith
2013 Kelly Warden
2014 Shannen Gilham
2015 Nicola Vester
2016 Jordan Hill
2017 Amber Kinnane
2018 Harry Pitts
2019 Isabel McCarthy

C Badge Umpire Award Recipients (pre-2007 history not currently available)
2007 Kate Bond
2010 Kendal Moss
2012 Kate Sexton
2013 Kelly Warden
2014 Shannen Gilham
2014 Harry Pitts
2015 Clare Bond
2015 Sara Morgillo
2016 Sarah Cain
2016 Jordan Hill
2016 Nicola Vester
2017 Asha Kempton
2017 Amber Kinnane
2018 Georgia Elliott
2018 Isabel McCarthy
2018 Alana Scafetta
2019 Ava Donohue
2019 Hayley Jones
2019 Cleo Kenny
2019 Molly McCarthy
2019 Kelsey Merillo
2019 Alicia Plant
2019 India Webster

B Badge Umpire Award Recipients (pre-2007 history not currently available)
2012 Kate Bond

Development Coach Award Recipients (pre-2011 history not currently available)
2011 Monique Kenny
2011 Carolyn Tomkins
2016 Hollie Montgomerie
2017 Loren Welsh
2018 Sue McLennan-Atkins
2018 Alison Castley
2018 Erin Smith
2018 Tania Plant

Intermediate Coach Award Recipients (pre-2011 history not currently available)
2015 Margot Seneque
2017 Loren Welsh
2018 Tania Plant

Life Members
1976 Elaine Richmond
1976 Margaret Young
1976 Muriel Martin
1978 Georgie Cary
1978 Marilyn Williams
1979 Shirley Vowles
1980 Lesley Gardner
1984 Margaret Bastin
1986 Robyn Cox
1988 Betty Pummer
1988 Denise Martin
1990 Mae McMahon
1990 Susan Philpott
1992 Glenice Dillon
1996 Kate Fewster
1996 Neil Johnson
1997 Sue Hoskins
1998 Janine Taylor
1999 Bev Wasylkewycz
2000 Cate Pitcher
2000 Shauna Watson
2005 Jane Richards
2011 Dianne McLean (nee Watson)
2012 Haydn Bufton
2012 Linda Moore
2012 Sue Smith
2014 Clare Bond
2014 Amanda Muir
2015 Kendra Morgan
2019 Kate Bond
2019 Katie McCarthy

Past Presidents
1972 - 1977 Margaret Young
1978 Denise Young
1979 - 1980 Margaret Bastin
1981 R. Nixon
1982 - 1986 Margaret Bastin
1987 - 1989 Mae McMahon
1990 - 1995 Neil Johnston
1996 - 1998 Jenny Andrewartha
1999 - 2001 Cate Pitcher
2002 - 2003 Susie Prott
2004 - 2005 Gerdine Overbury
2006 Debra Poole
2007 - 2009 Shean Bond
2010 - 2011 Dianne McLean (nee Watson)
2012 - 2015 Kendra Morgan