Go to our The Rules page for more info on the rule update that came into effect in the 2016 season.

Are you a volunteer coach for Attadale, and not registered as a playing member? To help Netball Australia to keep track of and understand participation and engagement with the sport by our volunteers, and therefore show them how to best help the growth of grassroots netball, we ask you to register as a volunteer.

You can do this through FNA's MyNetball portal, which means that you'll also be able to access Netball Australia's great learning resources. 

Attadale Netball Club is run by volunteers, and we encourage parents and Senior players to take on the rewarding position of Coach for Junior teams. If you are interested in coaching a team at our Club, please email the Coaching Coordinators with an expression of interest. Please include your contact details in your email, and any information that will help the Club make the best possible decision for each team (experience, qualifications, relationship with the team, position in the club, etc). All applications will be given consideration in the process of appointing suitable coaches.

All coaches are supported through various resources supplied by the Club, as well as through the opportunity to expand your learning through various coaching clinics. Coaches of Division 1 teams are generally expected to be working towards coaching accreditation. Ask the your Coaching Coordinator for more information about courses and development opportunities for coaches at our Club.

Unfortunately, the Club cannot not guarantee the provision of a coach to every team, and in the case of there being no volunteers, the age group's Coaching Coordinator will approach the parents of the team and appoint a coach. Seniors grade teams may be required to coach themselves.

There are a variety of templates you may use for games to record results, rotations and stats that can be downloaded before training commences. If you have any questions about coaching, or need help with a particular area of coaching for your team, contact your Coaching Coordinator to organise for assistance.

Do you have coaching resources you'd love to share with our other coaches? Email our IT Coordinator to organise putting it on the website!

Netball Australia has a specialised program, KNEE, to help prevent knee injuries in netball. They have great training resources that coaches can use during warm ups at training and before games. You can access the KNEE program and all the resources by clicking here.

Netball Australia also provides us with the University of Ballarat's Down to Earth: a practical guide to safe and effective landing in Netball resource. Access it on the Netball Australia site here.

If you or someone on your team suffers an injury at training or on a game day, it's important to report it to either the First Aid room at the Fremantle grounds, or to a Club committee member at training. Registered members are covered by Netball Australia's insurance policy, which may be helpful in covering some out of pocket expenses that may be incurred after an injury at netball. FNA provides links to the relevant resources, which you can access here. Alternatively, ask a Club committee member for more information.

If you're new to MyNetball, it can seem a little complicated to use. Please feel free to use this walk through guide, which includes instructions for logging in and accessing the Foundation Coaching Course, as well as the Section 1 Umpiring Exam and the Level 1 Umpires Course, for those who are interested in better understanding the rules and their application.

If you have questions about accessing MyNetball for online learning, please contact the IT Coordinator to help you out.