The 2016 AGM

Attadale Netball Club held its AGM this evening at Troy Park, and elected the 2017 management committee:

  • President: Clare Bond
  • Vice President: Kate Bond
  • Secretary: Haydn Bufton
  • Registrar: Lyn Brown
  • Treasurer: Lauren Malaxos
  • Seniors Coordinator: Michelle Guice
  • Intermediates Coordinator: Hannah Adams
  • Junior Coaching Coordinator: Katie McCarthy
  • Junior Team Coordinator: Lisa Wild
  • Umpiring Coordinator: Kate Bond
  • Property Coordinator: Kandi Gore & Mel Schneider
  • Uniforms Coordinator: Kandi Gore & Mel Schneider
  • Troy Park Representative: Ben Walker
  • Events Coordinator: Erin Smith
  • IT & Communications: Kate Bond
  • General Committee:
    • Monique Kenny
    • Sue McLennan-Atkins
    • Bianca McGoldrick (Trophies)
    • Ellie Moore
    • Sue Smith (Selections)

We are grateful to our 2015/16 Treasurer, Dawn, who tonight retired from the committee. Thanks to everyone who nominated for a position, and welcome to our new committee members for the 2017 season!

Nominations for general committee remain open until the next management committee meeting on 14 November 2016. If you are interested in joining as a general committee member, email your expression of interest by the above date to