Perpetual Nominations

It's time to start thinking about nominating some of our amazing Club volunteers for the various perpetual trophies that are awarded each season at our wind-up! Nominations are open for all of the following:

Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Philpott in memory their daughter who played for Attadale Netball Club for many years and to be awarded to someone who: 

  • Gives excellent service to the club 
  • Attends majority of club functions 
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities 
  • Has an ongoing commitment to the future of the club 
  • Is a good role model for all members of the club 
  • Shows enthusiasm for the club 

Awarded to a Coach who has been nominated and respected by their team and has shown exemplary enthusiasm and commitment to the club and the game of Netball in general. 

Awarded to an umpire who has demonstrated enthusiasm and excellence in umpiring and who is a real asset to the club and the game of Netball in general. 

Awarded to a playing member of the Club; not chosen on playing ability, but rather on service to the club, attendance at club activities and assistance to other club members. Actively working for the club e.g. coaching, extra umpiring, assisting committee members etc. Setting a good example for others to follow in regard to club spirit, loyalty, sportsmanship etc. 

If you wish to nominate anybody for one or all of the categories above please send the club your nomination. We need the following for each category for which you are nominating someone: 

  • Which Award 
  • Your nomination 
  • Nominated by (including team name if applicable) 
  • Reason why the person should receive the award 

Nominations are due by August 27th 2017.

You can send your nominations to the administrative email address -