2018 Awards & Recognition

Congratulations to the volunteers and players who were recognised this year for their commitment to Attadale, as well as to those who were nominated! We couldn't do this without you! πŸ™
πŸ“Έ Coach: Tania Plant
πŸ“Έ Philpott: Lisa Wild
πŸ“Έ Club Girl: Sam Cooke
πŸ“Έ FNA Club Service: Kirstin Cattalini & Nicola Vester
πŸ“Έ 10 Years: Laura, Georgia, Isabel
πŸ“Έ 15 Years: Madeline, Laura, Caitlin
πŸ“Έ C Badge: Isabel, Georgia, Alana
πŸ“΅ Umpire: Harry Pitts
πŸ“΅ Outstanding Junior: Georgia Portlock
πŸ“΅ Outstanding Senior: Eliza Vlasich