Training for all teams takes place at Troy Park, off Burke Drive, Attadale. Teams train on either a Tuesday or Wednesday, as organised by the Club. Players are expected to attend all training sessions throughout the season. If you are unable to attend one or more of your training sessions, you must contact your coach with as much advance notice as possible.

The Club uniform is for the Saturday competition only. Players should be dressed appropriately for training. This includes wearing sports shoes and removing jewellery. Please bring a drink bottle.

Training begins in February each year with two or three weeks of player trials and continues in teams until the start of competition at Fremantle Netball Association in late April or early May. Exact trial dates are displayed in the Registration page and training dates for the current year are listed below when available.

Please note that the below is an approximate schedule and may be subject to change by the Club at any time. All adjustments made by teams to the training schedule must be approved by the Club prior to the move being made. When changes are made, those involved will be notified as required.

Tuesdays (starting 12th March 2019)
4pm to 5pm: Junior E grade (born 2008)
5pm to 6pm: Junior D grade (born 2007)
6pm to 7pm: Junior C grade (born 2006)
7pm to 8pm: 17 & Under grade (born 2002, 2003)
8pm to 9pm: some Senior grades (born 2001 or earlier)

Wednesdays (starting 13th March 2019)
4pm to 5pm: Set grade & GO G grade (born 2010, 2011, 2012)
5pm to 6pm: GO F grade (born 2009)
6pm to 7pm: Junior B grade (born 2005)
7pm to 8pm: Junior A grade (born 2004)
8pm to 9pm: some Senior grades (born 2001 or earlier)

Saturday games commence 4 May 2019 at Gibson Park, off High Street, Fremantle. For information on fixtures and other events please visit the FNA website:

Fremantle Netball Association has indicated the approximate 2019 playing times (although this cannot be guaranteed until the official release of the 2019 time slots):

  • 8.00 am: Junior D Divisions, possibly some E Divisions, GO-F High Divisions (on grass)

  • 9.20 am: Junior E Divisions, Junior C Divisions, GO-F Low Division (on grass), All Abilities

  • 10.40 am: Junior B, Junior C low divisions, Junior GO-G high divisions (on grass) Net (grass)

  • 12.00 noon: 17U low divisions, Junior A, GO-G low divisions (on grass), SET Divisions (grass)

  • 1.20 pm: 19U, 17U high divisions

  • 2.40 pm: Seniors

  • 4.00 pm: Seniors