Go to our The Rules page for more info on the rule update that came into effect in the 2016 season.

Please email our Umpiring Coordinator if you would like to join our umpiring squad, or if you would like more information on umpiring and umpiring courses. 

It is each team's responsibility to pay their umpire on game day every week. Speak to the Umpiring Coordinator for the rates recommended by the Club. New whistles, Rule Books, and plastic rainwear can be purchased from the FNA Office on Saturday game days. Sunscreen is always available for free at the FNA Office, or in your team's match bag.

Most of our Club umpires are young and still learning, so please give them your support, be kind with your words and actions, and show them how friendly our Attadale teams are!

The Umpiring Coordinator will send out an email to the previous season's squad umpires early in the year to seek expressions of interest for the next season. All other interested Club members should contact the Umpiring Coordinator by email.

New umpires are trained by experienced Club umpires as part of a casual program run by the Umpiring Coordinator, but availability each season is limited, so enquire early to ensure a place. If you want to know more about learning how to umpire at Attadale Netball Club, see our Beginner Umpires page.

If you would like to become an Umpiring Coach to help teach our beginner umpires, contact our Umpiring Coordinator for more information. Having your C Badge (or higher) or actively working towards it is a pre-requisite for this role. 

If you are already an umpire, and are keen to develop your skills and progress towards a National Badge in the national accreditation pathway, you can check out our Umpire Development page.

For a variety of resources to help you develop your umpiring, whether you are a beginner or more experienced, check out our Umpire Development page. 

If you are a current Club umpire with questions or problems relating to umpiring, get in touch with the Umpiring Coordinator to help you out! You can do this in person at training and on game days, or online via email or the private umpiring Facebook page (this resource is strictly for Club umpires and is monitored regularly).

Seniors teams are required to fulfil a weekly umpiring allocation given to them by FNA. Providing an umpire for these allocations is each team's responsibility, and not covered by the club squad. Details of the allocations can be found in the online fixtures provided by FNA under the 'Fixtures & Results' link on their website, available once fixtures for the season are released.

If you are part of an Attadale Seniors team and have questions or concerns about umpiring your team's allocation, please contact the Umpiring Coordinator for support and resources. While it is the responsibility of all Seniors teams to cover their own weekly umpiring allocations, the Umpiring Coordinator will endeavour to provide the support necessary to do so.

Failure to provide an umpire to your Seniors umpiring allocation will result in the loss of 2 match points and a fine of $50 from FNA, so it's important to be on top of your team's allocation!

Here is an example Seniors umpiring roster (downloadable Word document) to help you organise your umpiring responsibilities with your team.


  • The Umpiring Coordinator allocates Club umpires to all games between grades Set Tier and 19U, in a roster available on the private umpiring Facebook page, or via email

  • SC to SA teams must organise and provide their own umpires to the grade below, as per FNA's allocations, which can be found on their website

  • Advance notice is required for umpires who cannot make a game rostered for them by the Umpiring Coordinator

  • Umpires should wear a white shirt, appropriate sports attire and shoes, and have their own whistle

  • Umpires should arrive at least 10 minutes before their allocated game to allow for pre-game preparation


  • Your own whistle (handheld plastic is great for beginners)

  • A hair tie for keeping track of centre passes

  • A watch for keeping track of time before the start of the match

  • A coin for the toss (or a hair tie if you haven't got one)

  • A water bottle

  • A copy of the rule book (download it to your phone to have it on the go)

  • You might also need gear for the weather:

    • Sunscreen (you can also get this in the FNA office)

    • A jumper (club jacket is fine!)

    • A rain coat or spray jacket


  • All Set Tier games require an umpire who is 17 years or older

  • Coaches cannot umpire their own team

  • All registered Senior players and Junior players of high school age are permitted to umpire on competition days

  • Failure to provide an umpire to any allocated court will result in the loss of 2 match points and a fine of $50

  • Failure to attend the FNA Office when relieved by an FNA umpire or when subsequently called by the FNA Office will result in the loss of 2 match points and a fine of $50

If you're new to MyNetball online learning, feel free to use this walk through guide. It has instructions for accessing the Rules of Netball Theory Exam (compulsory for all Club umpires!) and the Foundation Umpire Education Course (a great optional educational supplement for new umpires and those wanting to work towards their National C Badge).

If you have any further questions about using MyNetball for online learning, you can contact the IT Coordinator to help you out.