Attadale Netball Club trains new junior umpires each season with the help of the Umpiring Coordinator and a team of dedicated senior umpires. The training program is casual and flexible, but it is limited by numbers, and in some cases applicants may be wait-listed. Wait-listed umpires will usually have the chance to learn to umpire in the same season that they apply. If you are interested in learning how to umpire for the current season, please email the Umpiring Coordinator as early as possible.

You must be turning 13 or older in the year that you wish to participate in the Club's umpiring training program. If you are younger and still wish to participate, please email the Umpiring Coordinator to discuss what steps you can take.

The Club's umpiring program is not an accredited program, but you will have the opportunity to gain accreditations while you participate.

Firstly, it's very important that you know the rules! This might seem really obvious, especially if you've been playing for a while, but the game can seem a quite different when you're holding the whistle instead of the ball. You'll learn all sorts of new things as an umpire! In order to be really up-to-date on your rules, it's a good idea to read through the official rule book, which you can access at the Netball Australia website. It's also a good idea to learn how the new rules work, which you can do with the Netball Australia resources at the above link, or on our Club website's New Rules page.

The rule book is not very long, but if you've never read through it all, it might seem a little complicated. If you're having trouble with anything in it, or you have any questions about applying what you've read, then please contact the Umpiring Coordinator.

Secondly, it is compulsory that trainee umpires complete the online Rules of Netball Theory Examination: you will only be allocated to games as a trainee if you have completed it. The Rules of Netball Theory Examination is a test of your knowledge of the rules. The exam can be accessed through your MyNetball account. Once you've logged in, click on the Online Learning tab, and then click on the green +Enrol on the Rules of Netball Theory Examination. Doing the exam will show you that it's very important to have read the rules! You can have a copy of the rule book with you when you take the exam, but knowing what the rules before you take the test will definitely make it easier. 

It's important that you get a score of at least 70%, and then email the Umpiring Coordinator a copy of your certificate (this should be accessible to you after you've completed the exam). You can take the test multiple times to get the required score if you need, but please do it yourself! If you don't complete the test, we won't let you take the court to umpire for the club. This is because it is very important that you are confident with the rules, and this is a great way to do that while also gaining an official accreditation.

Thirdly, we recommend that all new umpires to the Club have a go at trials before the season gets started. This is a great way to get initial nerves out of the way in a very low pressure environment, while learning the very basics and getting a feel for how umpiring works. This is arranged by the Umpiring Coordinator after registrations have closed and prior to trials beginning. Please contact the Umpiring Coordinator if you haven't received any communications to arrange umpiring at trials by the weekend before the trials begin. 

Fourthly, you have the option of taking the Foundation Umpire Education Course (this is also accessible in your MyNetball account under the Online Learning tab). The Foundation Umpire Education Course gives you a more practical understanding of the rules and how to apply them, as well as other elements of umpiring, such as the direction you have to run when you're umpiring. If you choose to take the course, you should email your certificate of completion to the Umpiring Coordinator when you finish.

It is highly recommended that you take the course if you can. However, if you already have, or are not able to, or you'd just like some extra reading, then there are lots of resources on our website that you can have a look at, both on the Umpire Development page and the Rules page. 

Fifthly, if you are part of the current season's trainee group, you'll be taking the court on a few games over the season. The number of games you are placed on will vary, depending on your availability, the availability of appropriate grades to umpire, and the availability of our team of umpiring coaches.

We want you to have a positive experience while you learn the ropes, so while you're training, you'll have an umpiring coach with you at your games. You'll receive the support of your coach for the entire game, so that you can ask questions and learn about applying your umpiring knowledge until you're ready to do your own games. This will continue until you, your coach, and the Umpiring Coordinator all agree that you're confident and skilled enough to umpire games by yourself. While you have your umpiring coach and are still being trained, they will receive the payment for the game.

Once we've confirmed that you're ready, you'll be placed on the squad list, and contacted for games when our experienced squad isn't able to make it, and you will receive the payment for the game. These games will vary, and will not necessarily be every week. Then, the following season, you can put yourself forward to join the experienced squad for regular games.

If you have questions about this process or umpiring training generally, please feel free to email the Umpiring Coordinator to help you out.

If you're new to MyNetball online learning, feel free to use this walk through guide. It has instructions for accessing online learning through your MyNetball account.

If you have any further questions about using MyNetball for online learning, you can contact the IT Coordinator to help you out.