At Attadale Netball Club, we encourage our umpires to be constantly developing and learning new skills. This can include getting general tips and assistance from our Club's senior umpires, using online resources to learn new skills, attending courses for umpiring development, or training towards getting your National C Badge and higher.

You can start developing your umpiring at any time, whether you're relatively new to it, or you've been umpiring for many years, and at whatever point in the season (or off-season!) it might be. It's never too early or too late!

If you are interested in developing your umpiring, you can check out the national accreditation pathway. It shows you what you need to know to work towards your National Badge qualifications, and helps you to understand your development needs. When you are ready to progress your umpiring, the Club will do their best to develop your skills, or help you to find the resources that you need to take the next step.

The National C Badge is the first level of Netball Australia's national umpiring qualifications. It is very achievable at a grassroots level, and the Club is able to provide the training necessary for umpires to successfully obtain this qualification.

There are three components to achieving your National C Badge:

  1. Completing the Foundation Umpire Education Course

  2. Completing the Rules of Netball Theory Examination with a mark of 70%+

  3. Completing your practical test (umpiring a full match at Club level)

You need to complete the Foundation Umpire Education Course and the Rules of Netball Theory Examination before you can attend a practical test component. Both of these can be accessed and completed online on your MyNetball account. If you are interested in achieving your National C Badge, please complete these two components and email your certificates to the Umpiring Coordinator.

The Umpiring Coordinator will then assess where you're at with your umpiring, and give you the appropriate training. Once you're ready for your practical test, the Umpiring Coordinator will liaise with FNA to organise this for you.

If you already have your National C Badge and are looking to progress further with your umpiring, or update your qualifications, please contact the Umpiring Coordinator to discuss your development pathway and training options.

If you have questions about your umpiring development, or the development pathway in general, please email the Umpiring Coordinator to help you out!

Here you can find a bundle of resources to help you in your theoretical development, and show you what is needed in your practical development, in order to achieve your National Badge qualifications.

There are loads of online resources available for people who want to learn how to umpire netball, and for umpires who want to develop their skills. Here are a few links you can check out:

Do you have umpiring resources you'd love to share with our other umpires? Email our IT Coordinator to organise putting it on the website!

If you're new to MyNetball online learning, feel free to use this walk through guide provided by Netball Australia.

If you have any further questions about using MyNetball for online learning, you can contact the IT Coordinator to help you out.