Are you a volunteer manager for Attadale, and not registered as a playing member? To help Netball Australia to keep track of and understand participation and engagement with the sport by our volunteers, and therefore show them how to best help the growth of grassroots netball, we ask you to register as a volunteer.

You can do this through FNA's MyNetball portal, which means that you'll also be able to access Netball Australia's great learning resources. 

Go to our The Rules page for more info on the rule update that came into effect in the 2016 season.

If you're interested in managing your, or your child's, team, please contact the Coaching Coordinators with an expression of interest. We would love to have you on board!

Every team needs a Manager to organise the team, look after the netball bibs and organise a scoring and timing roster. It is a rewarding role that helps you learn about netball, help bring the team together, and assist the coach in off-court matters. It is also a role that can act as an intermediary between the coach and the parents and ensure that the coach has the most opportunity to coach the players. The Club asks that a parent volunteers for this role for each team.


A Team Manager's typical roles can include:

  • Organising and supervising team rosters for scoring and timing

  • Collecting money for an end-of-year gift for the coach

  • Help create a supportive environment for the players, coaches, and Club umpires on game day

  • Assisting coaches in all team affairs and acting as liaison between players, parents, and the coach.

  • Organising and administering a point system, in liaison with the coach, to determine the Fairest and Best Player in the team for the end of the season

  • Organising an Assistant Team Manager who can share the Manager’s tasks, if required

  • Creating the Team Contact List

  • Creating a roster for players to bring oranges or lollies for half time

  • Looking after the Team’s Manager Bag, which holds the match ball, uniform bibs, first aid equipment and timer

Do you have managing resources you'd love to share with our other managers? Email our IT Coordinator to organise putting it on the website!